My treatment was fantastic, done by a professional and very calm dentist. I would recommend to others.

Adina SDecember, 2017

“I’m very happy with my treatment. It was done very fast, it wasn’t painful at all and the dentist was very nice.”

Amy HJuly 2019

“The staff are very friendly and made me feel welcome. They made sure they gave me the best result that they could. They worked very hard to get me my smile and I am very happy with my result.”

Izel EOctober 2018

“Dr Dwyer is the perfect orthodontist, I wouldn’t have even considered anyone else for the treatment. I am always included in every step and decision making done. Thank you so much for finally giving me the smile and confidence. I am very grateful.”

Alinashma OAugust 2019

“For the first few months I saw no real results and i was unsure if the treatment was really going to work, but soon enough I started to notice the gap between my two front teeth were gradually closing, much to my delight. There were many times where i experienced a bit of pain due to the braces cutting my inner lip but it was all worth it to close the gap”

Golden Chigozie

“I was delighted with my experience in Frederick Dental Clinic. All the staff were really helpful throughout my experience and I am delighted with my finished results.”

Megan Maher August 10, 2017

Hi Peter and team I would just love to say thank you so much to each and everyone of you guys who has been there through my treatment plan I got my braces off today and I’m over the moon with the results I can’t thank you guys enough you’re all fantastic! Thank you so much again,

KateJanuary 2020

Brilliant dentist, very friendly staff. Peter was amazing the whole way through. Highly recommend this dental practice.

Caroline MJanuary 2020